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Welcome to the Holly Hill Garden website, it is still under construction at the moment so please keep calling back, you can also leave us a message if there is anything you'd like to see on here all comments are greatly appreciated.


Our garden is an inspiring quarter acre full of many sumptuous plants and water features.

Arches and trellis festooned with roses and clematis intermingle with evergreen and perennial planting with many hardy geraniums, wildflowers and grasses.  Stream, wildlife pond, fishpond with bridge, unusual water features including a large cascading waterfall.  Gravel areas with Hostas and ferns.  Plenty of seating, indoor pool area with WC.  Tea and cake and small nursery area with wide variety of plants for sale.  Best Overall Garden – Southampton in Bloom 2003.

Chris and Myra Burville own this garden open in Southampton, Hampshire at 93 Holly Hill, Bassett

All information with regards to the garden open in Southampton contained on this website is for viewing purposes only. If you wish to use any content on this site please contact us.

Website enquiries please mail info@schmooit.com or visit www.schmooit.com